Alchemy Gothic Large Dangle Passion Earring England 2010


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For sale is an Alchemy Gothic unusual large wrap earring.

This is one earring, and evidently it is worn as one earring only, probably with a plain, simple earring in the other ear.

This is a look that probably not everyone can pull off.

The earring has red crystal stones in it.

The earring is not marked as to metal content, so it is not sterling silver, but rather is pewter.

There is some dark shading on the surface of the metal.

The earring is marked on the back England and with the date of 2010.

There is also the Alchemy Gothic logo on the back.

The long part of the earring that wraps around the ear measures approximately 2 inches long, and 1.25 of an inch wide at the widest part.

The long part wraps up around the ear, and the other part dangles like a normal earring.