Girls Vintage Angora Kitten Goldfish Winter Hat Ear Flaps


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For sale is an extremely cute Girls Angora Kitten Goldfish Winter Hat.

This is a hat for a child, not for an adult.

The hat has kittens knitted in white angora yarn, and a goldfish in a bowl around the lower part of the hat.

The kitten at the front of the hat has a tiny bell tied to it with a piece of yarn.
This is a very well made hat.

There are no labels on this hat.

The teal blue green color is beautiful, and the white and yellow contrast with it beautifully.

The hat appears to be made out of wool and angora.

It has ear flaps with braided ties that can hang down, or be tied.

The hat measures approximately 16 inches across, measuring across the bottom band of the hat.

The hat looks like it has never been worn.