Our America Winter Birdhouse Candle Topper


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For sale is an ‘Our American’ candle topper, called Winter Birdhouse Topper, # 4098.

The candle topper is designed to be for decorative use only. It is used to cover a candle jar, and look cute.

It is not used while the candle is burning.

These also look cute displayed on a shelf.

The candle topper has not been used, however the box has some wear to it, as well as the remnants of a price sticker on the front of the box.

The candle topper has a large birdhouse on it, and a few smaller birdhouses. There are three birds in the scene. There is snow on the ground, and on the roof of the birdhouses. There are several pine cones covered with snow on the ground. The snow is an off white color; It is not white, as snow normally is. The color of the snow is more of a tan or light brown color. The color is pretty, and does blend in nicely with the other colors of the candle topper. There are sparkles in the snow.