Vintage Beaded Bead Necklace Bag Pouch with Brass Bells Green Black Gold Tones Jewelry


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For sale is a very nice vintage beaded bead necklace bag pouch with small brass bells.

This pouch is to be worn as a necklace, slipped over one’s head. These were really popular in my area in the late 80’s, and early 90’s.

This pouch is probably not that functional, but it is beautiful.

The beadwork is very well done on this bag, and the colors are very attractive.

The bells have a pleasingly light bell sound to them when they are shaken.

The bag has a nice weight to it, due to all the beads.

The opening at the top is small, and has no closure. Not much would fit in this pouch at all.

The bag is on a beaded strap. The strap measures approximately 30 inches long.

The bag measures approximately 2 inches tall, including the hanging bells and approximately 2.75 inches across.

The bag is very well made, and seems to be very sturdy.