Vintage Native American Large Turquoise Coral Pendant for Necklace Sterling Silver Jewelry


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For sale is a large vintage Native American turquoise and coral pendant.

The setting is different and unique on this, as is the color of the turquoise stone.

The pendant has a beautiful deep red coral piece with a gorgeous sheen at the top, and an equally beautiful turquoise stone below that.

The color of the stone is a gorgeous and unusual green blue color. The color of the stone is not the typical bright blue turquoise color as there is more green it it.

The stone has some dark matrix in it that contrasts beautifully with the color of the stone. The stone has a nice sheen to it, and no cracks.

The setting of the pendant is really unique and different. It has some raindrops, scrolls, a set of leaves and a flower on it.

The outside edge of the pendant has different designs around the outside. It is not the same design all the way around; it changes to another pattern, and has three different design patterns on it.

The pendant measures approximately 2 and 12/16 of an inch long, including the bale and approximately 1 and 9/16 of an inch across at its widest part, so this is a good size pendant, with a nice weight to it.

There are no markings on the pendant at all, and the pendant is not signed.

There is a layer of tarnish on this piece, giving it a nice patina, which could be either left as is or polished away. There are also some areas in the setting where it looks like there is some dried polishing creme left from a past cleaning, which can be clearly seen in the close up photo. The polishing cream dries white, so this pendant could benefit from a good cleaning to remove the dried up white polishing cream residue.