Vintage Native American Turquoise Pendant Necklace Signed JD on Liquid Silver Chain Sterling Silver Jewelry


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For sale is a Vintage Native American Turquoise Pendant Signed JD on a thin single strand liquid silver Sterling Silver chain.

The makers stamp has a symbol that looks like a sunburst in between the J and the D.

The silverwork on this necklace is extremely pretty, and very well done.

The color of the stone is very pretty. It is a light ocean green shade, with some lighter matrix and a few small spots of blue in it.

The photo makes the stone look a little greener than it actually is, on my monitor.

The stone has a beautiful color and sheen, with no cracks in it. There are however, some dark areas around the edge of the stone where it looks like some fill has been added to the edges of the stone. This would be done if the stone didn’t fully fit the setting.

The pendant measures a little more than 1.25 inch across at its widest part, and 1.25 inches high.

The chain measures approximately 23 inches long.

The loop for the chain is on the back of the pendant, and the chain closes with a barrel clasp.

There is a layer of natural tarnish on the pendant, which could either be polished off or left as is.