Vintage Original Painting Abstract Diva with Large Vessel Jar and Rose


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For sale is an interesting vintage painting of a slightly abstract diva wearing a fashionable outfit and hat.

There is a large vessel jar on one side of the figure, and a rose on the other.

There are no discernable facial features to the figure.

The painting has a lot of energy in it, and lots of interesting colors.

The paint is thickly applied in some areas, which gives interesting texture to the painting.

The painting was hand painted.

There is a signature on the painting, which is illegible.

The painting appears to be on fabric which is stretched over what looks like a hand made rustic looking wood support.

The painting is not framed.

However, tape could be placed around the outside edges of the painting, and hung as is.

The painting measures approximately inches 15.75 tall by 12.25 inches across.