Vintage Rabbit Salt or Pepper Shaker Wearing Beret Large Floppy Hat Jacket Japan


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For sale is an exquisite Vintage Rabbit Salt or pepper Shaker. The bunny is wearing a beret or a large floppy hat as well as a jacket.

This is perfect for a collector of unusual vintage salt and pepper shakers.

The shaker is marked Japan on the bottom and has a cork stopper. I only have the one shaker, unfortunately, but it is extremely charming, and would look great displayed on a shelf or as a gift for a rabbit or bunny lover.

This item measures approximately 3.5 inches tall and 2 inches across.

Overall it is painted very well, although there are spots on the feet where it looked like it could have been color loss, but appears to actually spots where the paint didn’t take.

There is also some dripped paint from the green of the jacket on both sides of the piece. On the side photo in the listing, the paint has dripped down to the base. There is a small amount of brown dripped paint on the side back near the tail.

There is some minor cracking or crazing in the glaze. A few spots were seen at the front bottom of the base, and the top of the hat.

There are no chips in this item.