Vintage Two Sided Flip Over Doll Folk Art Soft Brown Craft Artisan Doll


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For sale is a beautiful vintage two sided flip over folk art soft doll.

The skirt of the doll lifts over the head to show the other side of the doll.

This doll looks like it was made with a lot of care and love.

This doll is very well made.

There are no labels at all on it.

The body of the doll is made out of stretchy brown fabric, similar to a polyester double knit type fabric.

Please note that there is a small hole in the brown fabric on the side of the doll with the red hat. The hole is on the arm of the side with the red dress, about half way down.

The hole is very difficult to see, as the underneath fabric is the same color.

One of the earrings on this side of the doll has a few slight dings, which look like small pressure marks in it.

The doll measures approximately 14 Inches tall.