Womens Vintage Red Leather Belt with Lion Head Buckle


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For sale is a womens vintage red leather belt, with a brass toned or brass color lion head buckle on it. The lion head buckle is not marked, so is not solid brass.

The buckle measures approximately 3 inches tall, and 2.75 inches across. The buckle is made out of brass toned metal. It is not flat, it is slightly 3D.

There are no markings on the buckle. It does not appear to be solid brass, as it is not marked. Therefore, the metal is brass colored or brass toned, not solid brass.

The buckle could be removed from this belt, and placed on another one. The buckle is hooked on to a metal piece that is attached to the belt leather.

This belt is made from red leather. The belt is stamped top grain cowhide.

The belt does not appear to have ever been worn, however there are wrinkles in the belt leather.

The belt measures approximately 1 and 11/16 wide.

The leather strip is approximately 36 inches long. This measurement does not include the buckle in it.

There are no maker’s marks on this belt.